About Us

Leadership Horizons Horizons Contracting (Ufuq), is a locally owned headquartered in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment, LSHC has been associated with projects serving the oil & gas, construction, maintenance, industrial and operation Support Services. 

Ufuq has a competitive edge in manpower supply and services provider by having an accumulative experience and knowledge equivalent to over a hundred years thru its team. We provide wide range of expertise from the labor and janitorial to specialized engineer and project managers.

Focusing on Oil & Gas sector, Ufuq however delivers its services to various sectors in including but not limited to:

  • Construction Services, including Plant Construction, Pipeline Construction
  • Maintenance and Retrofit Services, including Shutdowns and Turn-arounds (T&I), Tank Maintenance (COWS), Pipeline Maintenance Services
  • Operations & Maintenance Support, including plant facilities management, packaging and logistics operations
  • Engineering Support Services, including Industrial Manpower Supply, Facilities Support Staff Supply, Building Maintenance Services
  • Equipment Rental
We believe that the quality and continuous training to our personnel is a key factor towards continuing being major player in the growth and development of this country and the region.